Yemeni drone strikes Dubai Airport in retaliation attack once again

SANA’A – Sources of the Yemeni Air Force reported by Al-Masirah Media Network state that Dubai International Airport has been successfully attacked by a drone strike for the second time in little more than a month.

According to the reports, a series of bombings were carried out on Dubai’s main airport on Sunday, using the highly advanced Sammad-3 unmanned aerial vehicle. This despite the fact that Dubai is located over 1,100 kilometres from Yemeni soil, and the drone had to cross Saudi airspace in order to reach its target.

The attack shows the technological advance that the Armed Forces of Yemen have been able to make despite the continued blockade and ongoing invasion led by Saudi Arabia, as well as the apparent failure of Saudi and UAE air defences to block retaliation strikes from Yemen.

Yemeni ballistic missiles and drone attacks against vital targets inside the UAE comes in response to Emirati participation in the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen, in which they have deliberately targeted hospitals, schools, markets, and camps for the internally displaced. At least 15,000 Yemenis have so far been killed and thousands more injured as a result of bombing raids and mercenary attacks, as well as illness and starvation caused by the blockade of Yemen by the invading coalition.

On 23 July, 2017, Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the Leader of the Revolution, official announced that the UAE, in addition to Saudi Arabia, is within full range of Yemeni retaliatory strikes, and that Yemen would not hesitate to carry out such attacks.

While the Yemeni attacks deliberately make little to no casualties on the ground, the goal of the missile and drone strikes is to hit the invading nations where it hurts the most: in their economies.

Sunday’s drone strike on Dubai is the second such attack on the UAE’s main commercial hub, after an earlier attack on the airport on August 27. The Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi was already struck on July 26. All of these attacks were carried out using the Sammad-3 drone, named in honour of martyred Yemeni president Saleh Ali al-Sammad, who was killed by a Saudi strike on April 23.

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