Yemeni forces capture 8 strategic positions in Saudi border province

SANA’A – In a special operation carried out on Wednesday, the Armed Forces and the Popular Committees of the Republic of Yemen captured eight strategically located positions from the Saudi army within the Saudi border province of ‘Asir.

Military sources reported by Al-Masirah Media Network stated that a large-scale attack had taken place on Saudi and mercenary positions at the al-Majazh mountain. The Yemeni forces successfully pushed the Saudis out of the area and gained control over eight strategic military positions in the area.

The province of ‘Asir, along with Najran and Jizan, is a historical part of Yemen that was captured by the Saudis after a Saudi invasion in 1934. Since the start of the Saudi-led invasion in March 2015, however, the defenders of Yemen have been steadily expanding their base of operations in these historically Yemeni lands, carrying out numerous retaliation attacks against Saudi forces and even liberating large amounts of territory from Saudi control.

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