Yemeni Naval Forces attack Saudi ships inside their own port

SANA’A – In a daring and highly successful raid, the Naval and Coastal Defence Force of the Yemeni Armed Forces has carried out a special operations attack on the port of the Saudi city Jizan, destroying multiple Saudi warships in the process.

According to military sources reported by Al-Masirah Media Network, the Yemeni special forces inflicted heavy casualties on the Saudi military, as well as burning and destroying a number of Saudi naval vessels on Sunday morning.

On September 1, the Naval and Coastal Defence Force of Yemen already destroyed a Saudi vessel off the coast of Jizan, but this attack marks the first time the Yemeni troops infiltrated the very port itself and struck the Saudis in their own harbour.

Since June 2018, the amount of retaliatory strikes on Saudi targets within the territory of Saudi Arabia itself has increased significantly, following a statement by the Leader of Yemeni Revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, that Yemen would step up its revenge for the multitude of war crimes imposed on Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition.

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