Yemeni snipers kill 15 Saudi troops over the last few days

SANA’A – Sniper units of the Yemeni Armed Forces have killed at least 15 Saudi forces and mercenaries over the course of the last couple of days, all within the territorial borders of the Saudi province of Jizan.

Military sources reported by SABA News reported that at least five Saudi soldiers and ten hired mercenaries were shot and killed by Yemeni sniper fire in the past days.

Jizan, along with Najran and Asir, is a historically Yemeni province that was military occupied by Saudi Arabia in 1934 and has since been incorporated as a province of the Saudi kingdom. Since the start of the Saudi invasion in March 2015, however, the defenders of Yemen have gained control over large parts of the province and have carried out numerous retaliatory strikes against the Saudi military infrastructure there, effectively crippling much of the Saudi war machine.

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