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Yemeni snipers kill and injure 50 Saudi mercenaries in one day

Continuing the successful Yemeni sniper operations in September, which resulted in 600 Saudi-led invaders dead or incapacitated, the sniper units of the Yemeni Armed Forces have killed or injured at least 50 Saudi mercenaries in the course of just one day.



SANA’A – The sniper unit of the Yemeni Armed Forces have released a statement documenting that the Yemeni marksmen have killed or injured over 50 Saudi-backed mercenaries in the course of just 24 hours.

Yemeni snipers have played a significant and highly important role in the defence of Yemen in the course of the war against Saudi invaders, often targeting Saudi officers or carrying out retaliation attacks on Saudi troops deep inside Saudi territory. In the month of September alone, Yemeni marksmen killed or incapacitated no fewer than 600 Saudi troops and mercenaries.

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