Yemeni Sunni religious council calls for Sunni-Shia unity against invaders

SANA’A – The Religious Shafi’i Council, a top Sunni religious authority in Yemen, has responded to a call for mass popular mobilisation in the country against the occupation of the invading coalition forces.

The decision was taken as a result of the call to arms by the Tuhamah tribes in the Hodeidah area. The Tuhamah people are the tribe of the woman from Al-Khokha who was raped by a Sudanese mercenary last week.

In a statement obtained by the Yemen Press Agency on Thursday, the Religious Shafi’i Council, which represents the Shafi’i school of Sunnism that around half of all Yemenis ascribe to, named the horrifying sexual assault as one of the reasons for its decision to side with the Tuhamah tribe.

“The crime reveals the intent of dirty aggression, its ugly tools, mercenaries and traitorous agents at home and abroad,” the Council’s statement reads.

The Council warned against complacency and renunciation of religious and national responsibility, and stressed that all of the country and all Yemenis were under threat by the occupation forces of the Saudi-led coalition.

At the end of the statement, the Religious Shafi’i Council officially affirmed its support for the Tuhamah tribe’s call for resistance against the unjust occupation of Yemen.

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