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Yemen’s Army spokesman: “Abu Dhabi no longer safe today”

The official spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces has threatened UAE-backed forces with retaliation.



Sana’a, Yemen (YRW) –  “Abu Dhabi is no longer safe and is in the range of Yemeni missiles,” said the spokesman of the armed forces, Brigadier General Sharaf Ghaleb Luqman.

Brigadier General Luqman called on investors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to take these comments seriously.

He stressed that the escalation of the UAE on the west coast would be met with a stronger and unexpected escalation by the army and the popular committees.

On the battle of the West Coast, Brigadier General Luqman explained that the army and the popular committees were able to recapture  most of the sites that fell days ago in the hand of  the invaders.

Luqman denied what the media of the US/ Saudi aggression were winning. He added that all that is published in the media of aggression is a mock victory.

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