Yemen’s Army Spokesman: Saudi-led coalition has committed 801 violations since ceasefire deal in Hodeidah

SANAA – Spokesman of the Yemeni army, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sarie, on Monday said that Saudi-led coalition has committed 801 violations since the declaration of ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah province.

During a press conference he held in the capital Sanaa, the spokesman reviewed statistics of the violations committed by the coalition and its militias as well as statistics the operations carried out by the army forces during 2018.

“Until Sunday night, the enemy violations amounted 801 violations, distributed between launching of 52 rockets and 451 shells and shooting 116 times from medium and light weapons at different times, 29 operations to create sites, 74 operations of reinforcements, four attempts to attack and infiltrate, and 75 violations of aircrafts,” Sarie said.

Sarie pointed out that the ongoing violations confirm that “the aggression coalition is not serious in committing to the ceasefire agreement and that there are parties seek to thwart the agreement.

The spokesman stressed that the Yemeni people and the armed forces are committed to the implementation of what has been reached as a prelude to reach a comprehensive, honorable and just peace.

Sarei also reviewed a summary of the coalition attacks during 2018, which amounted to more than 52,149 attacks, including 15,353 air raids targeted different areas of Yemen with an average of 50 raids a day and 244 of these raids were with clusters bombs.

He said that the total number of rocket attacks from warships reached 494 missiles, in addition to 36,034 artillery and missile attacks from land.

On the Yemeni army operations during 2018, the spokesman said that the army forces have repelled more than 1101 offensives of the enemy and its militias and foiled over 83 infiltration attempts.

The Yemeni air defenses downed 42 various planes of the coalition, including combat aircrafts and reconnaissance and espionage planes, according to the spokesman.

The army forces carried out more than 689 ground attacks against positions of the enemy and militias, while the air force waged 38 drone attacks, 28 of which targeted the coalition forces and militias inside Yemeni territories and 10 others targeted military installations in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Sarie revealed that “over 131 missiles were fired individually and in batches by the missile force, including 33 missiles fired at the coalition forces and militias at home and 98 others fired at the coalition forces in the aggression countries, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.”

The army units targeted 310 various military vehicles and 280 armored vehicles, as well as 250 operations targeted gatherings of troops and equipment of the coalition and militias.

The Yemeni navy carried out several naval operations targeted an Emirati warship off the coast of Durihemi on 25 July 2018 and the pier of Saudi border guard boats in Jizan Port on 29 September 2018, and destroyed a gunboat off Medi coast on 9 October 2018, which led to the killing of its crew members.

The artillery unit carried out 10,911 operations until last November, while the engineering unit operations amounted to 1320, during which 1,618 vehicles were destroyed, most of which were carrying militiamen, and 1053 operations against groups and individuals.

The sniper unit implemented 7,148 sniping operations in different fronts of fighting, including gunning down of 292 Saudi officers and soldiers in fronts of Asir, Najran and Jizan, 48 Sudanese mercenaries in several fronts, and 6,633 local mercenaries, including leaders.

The sniper unit also caused damage to 14 military vehicles of the coalition and targeted 92 vehicles, in addition to 10 snipping operations targeted snipers and nine operations led to burning of military pick-up cars and equipment.

The spokesman confirmed that the army has an adequate stockpile of various ballistic missile systems and is working to reinforce the missile capability with a strategic stock capable of changing the course of the battle in future.

Sarie reiterated that the initiative of President of the Supreme Political Council Supreme, Commander of the Armed Forces Mahdi al-Mashat, is still an opportunity for those who still feel that they belong to this country and the people, and they should return to the right path, saying “It does not match that you be a Yemeni and at the same time support the enemies of Yemen.”

Source: YPA

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