Yemen’s Information Minister: Saudi-led coalition’s violations are major obstacles in implementing Stockholm agreement

SANA’A – Yemen’s Information Minister Daifallah al-Shami on Sunday said that there are major obstacles in the implementation of Stockholm agreement that was signed in Sweden by the Yemeni warring parties, representing by major breaches of Saudi-led coalition militants.

“The positive step of redeployment of our forces inside the port of  Hodeidah should be met with a positive step by the of the aggression forces,” Daifallah al-Shami said in a televised interview Alalam News Channel.

He stressed that the coalition militants refused to withdraw from the intersection of Hodeidah, which is based on the Swedish agreement.

Daifallah al-Shami added that the United Nations must oblige the other party to make concessions, noting to the military reinforcements of the coalition near Hodeidah, which makes the Sweden agreement at risk.

“The United Nations welcomed the withdrawal of Yemeni forces from Hodeidah and their handing over of the port to the Coast Guard troops, asserting that there is no doubt about that,” he said.

He demanded that the UN Commission should clarify who seeks to create imbalances in the implementation of the Sweden Agreement.

The Information Minister confirmed that delaying the arrival of the Humanitarian aid is due to the coalition countries ‘ refusal to withdraw from the road between Sanaa and Hodeidah.

He indicated that 41 people their names were mentioned in statements of the other party, which are leaders in ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Daifallah al-Shami stressed that the Yemeni people are capable of facing any escalation and are ready to respond, noting that there are very serious obstacles facing the reopening of Sanaa Airport.

He called on the United Nations to play a realistic role on the ground, noting that the Saudi-led coalition is trying to prompt its agendas by accusing us of demographic change.

“We are ready to stand by the Yemeni people in Mahrah province and all Yemeni areas in confronting any foreign invasion,” he concluded.

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