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Zionist newspaper calls for Israeli attack on Yemen’s West Coast

Zionist newspaper Jerusalem Post has published an editorial calling for immediate Israeli airstrikes on Yemen’s West Coast, as well as support for the Saudi invasion of Yemen, in order to safeguard Zionist interests in the Middle East.



SANA’A – The major English-language Zionist newspaper Jerusalem Post has openly called for Israeli intervention in the aggression war against Yemen, calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to support the Saudi-led invaders with logistical or even military aid. The call came in an editorial published by the newspaper.

The Zionist entity known as Israel is known as a major moral supporter of the Saudi invasion of Yemen, as it sees an independent Yemen under the National Salvation Government as a major threat to Zionist influence in the Middle East. Jerusalem Post claimed that aiding the Saudi invaders would “counter Iranian influence”, as well as having a “catalytic effect” on relations between the Zionist state and several of the Gulf monarchies.

The paper furthermore accused Netanyahu of neglecting a “major security threat against Israel” if he does not actively join the war to destroy Ansarullah (called the “Houthi movement” by Zionist press). The Jerusalem Post specifically mentioned the highly advanced Yemeni missile programme as a major concern.

“If Yemenis have access to more sophisticated technologies, the western coast of Yemen could become a real ballistic missile launch pad on Israel,” the newspaper said.

The article concluded by calling on Netanyahu to unconditionally support Saudi Arabia either with logistical support or by carrying out airstrikes on Yemen, and demanded the so-called “Houthi threat” should be taken seriously.

Despite having no official diplomatic relations, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime are known to have had numerous secret diplomatic meetings, and maintain extensive contact through secret channels. Important political figures in both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have expressed interest in officially recognizing Israel in the future, thereby betraying the cause of Palestine.



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Arab World

Zionist forces conduct mass raids and arrests of Palestinian civilians



Israeli occupation forces have on Sunday launched a massive campaign of arrests in the city of Jerusalem and in the West Bank, Palestinian media reported.

According to the Palestinian media, the occupation forces stormed the town of Issawiya and deployed in its neighborhoods,

A group of the Zionist forces was stationed at the entrances, then raided several houses and launched a campaign of arrests of boys and youths from the town.

The source reported that violent confrontations broke out in the neighborhoods of the town of Issawiya and continued from midnight to dawn on Sunday in retaliation for the daily incursions. Zionist invasion forces also arrested seven citizens in several other cities of the West Bank, and they claimed to find weapons in the area of al-Yamamoun, west of Jenin.

On Saturday night, dozens of illegal settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles passing by on the Jenin-Nablus road and carried out hostile acts against Palestinian citizens near the Makhmash settlement, while under the armed protection of the Zionist occupation army.

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Arab World

Abdul Salam: Saudi Arabia is supporting Israel by fighting Yemen



The Official spokesman for Ansrullah, Mohamed Abdul Salam has responded on Sunday to remarks made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Zionist leader had openly stated that the Saudi aggression on Yemen is part of a wider fight against Palestine and the Palestinian people.

“Netanyahu was clearly defending the aggression of Saudi Arabia and its war on Yemen in his press conference, as part of his fight against Palestine. He describes the Yemeni response to the US-Saudi aggression as a ‘threat’ to the usurper Zionist entity,” Abdel Salam said on social media.

The Ansarullah spokesman stressed that defending the cause of the nation of Yemen is a cherished medal of honor. Ansarullah and its allies have always described their struggle for the unity and freedom of the Yemeni republic as part of the broader struggle against imperialism and Zionism, and for the national independence of Palestine.

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Arab World

Ansarullah vows to stand with Palestine



Abdul Malik al-Ajari, a member of the Political Bureau of Ansarullah, has confirmed that the movement will stand with all the free people in the region in order to confront all projects aimed at eliminating the Palestinian cause. Al-Ajari furthermore stressed that this is the position of all Yemenis.

The Ansarullah fucntionary condemned the position of Saudi Arabia, which has all but turned into a defender of the Zionist colonial entity.

“No one expected that the day would come when the Saudi delegate to the United Nations openly defends the Zionist entity against what he called ‘Palestinian projectiles used against civilians’,” al-Ajari said during a political meeting under the slogan “United against the Deal of the Century”.

“The Arab and Islamic worlds have been mobilized in three peaks for an oil pipeline, while the bloodshed in Syria, Yemen and Palestine has not caused the entire Arab world to be summoned,” he added, referring to the hastily convened summits that Saudi Arabia has convened in order to propagate its pro-Zionist agenda.

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