SANA'A- Highly explicit footage has been released depicting the bloody aftermath of a Saudi strike on a truck carring farmers in Mestaba, Hajjah province. Footage includes pictures of the bloodbath as well



SANA'A - The death toll from the Saudi-led aggression's air strikes on a residential neighborhood at the intersection of Rabat and Raqas streets in downtown Sana'a has risen to 58 dead and wounded,



SANA'A - A political settlement through a comprehensive dialogue between Yemenis is still the only way to compromise the disputes and get a solution to conflict plaguing Yemen. The facts on the ground suppose more than ever the need to go


The Palestinian Issue

JAWF - Military media of the Yemeni army on Thursday released video footage shows missile forces firing Seven Zilizal-1 missiles on gatherings of mercenaries

JAWF – Military media of the Yemeni army on Monday released video footage shows army forces storming military sites of

HAJJAH – Military media of the Yemeni army on Monday released video footage shows army forces repelling an attack carried

 ASIR, May 12 (YPA) – Military media of the Yemeni army on Sunday released video footage shows army forces launching

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More News

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, Chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, has offered to cease Yemeni missile strikes on Saudi soil in exchange for a total end to Saudi airstrikes on Yemen.

HODEIDAH - Footage released on Monday by the military media of the Yemen army showing the army forces carrying out an offensive against sites of coalition's mercenaries and destroyed their military vehicles in the western coast of Hodeidah province. The video showed

SANA'A - Medecins Sans Frontieres  (MSF) has suspended work at its hospital in the Yemen port city of Aden after the kidnapping and killing of one of its patients, the medical organisation said on Wednesday. MSF said the patient was abducted on

SANA'A - Rocketry force of the Yemeni army on Tuesday fired a ballistic missile on Asir border province, Yemen Press Agency quoted a military official told. The missile, Bader-1 targeted a Saudi military camp in the southern part of Saudi Arabia, the official

SANA'A – Former ambassador of France to Yemen, Gilles Gauthier, has expressed optimism about the start of the upcoming negotiations, revealing the falsity of the Saudi-Emirati coalition in its war on Yemen. "I have been optimistic for a month to stop

SANA'A - Video footage released on Tuesday by the military media of the Yemeni army showing sniper units of the army shooting 15 mercenaries loyal to Saudi-led coalition in several sites in Nihem district of Sanaa province. The video showed the

HODEIDAH- The Yemeni army and popular committees on Saturday managed to destroy two military mechanisms belonging to the Saudi-led coalition’s mercenaries in Yemen’s Hodeidah province, according to Yemen Press Agency. The two military vehicles were destroyed with improvised explosive devices planted

SANA'A - At least 20 people were killed and 10 others were injured on Wednesday when the Saudi-led coalition launched air strikes' airstrikes on Hodeidah province, local  Yemeni media reported. The US-backed Saudi-led coalition’s fighter jets waged airstrikes on places for washing

HAJJAH - The Yemeni army has on Friday launched large-scale attacks on sites of militants loyal to the Saudi-led coalition militants in Hajjah province, northern Yemen. This was confirmed by Yemen Press Agency. Dozens of militants were killed and injured in the

NAJRAN- The Yemeni army forces on Friday destroyed 10 military vehicles of Saudi-backed militias in Najran region, a  Yemen Press Agency quoted a military official as saying. The engineering unit of the army destroyed the vehicles with improvised explosive devices during repelling

Abdul Karim Issa, head of the Saudi-controlled "World Muslim League", has officially called for cooperation with the Zionist entity of Israel, after meeting with high-ranking Zionist representatives in New York.

In a daring attack that comes as the latest in a series of successfull long-range missile attacks against Saudi targets, the Missile Forces of Yemen have carried out yet another ballistic missile strike, this time against an active international airport

SANA'A - At least 12 militants loyal to Saudi-led coalition were killed and about 57 others injured in a Yemeni Badr P-1 missile strike that targeted their gatherings in Boqa military camp, pro-Saudi-led coalition media reported. The Al-Masdar news website quoted coalition

SANA’A - The newly appointed "governor of Shabwah", Mohammed Abdullah bin Adeo under the regime of exiled former president Hadi is reportedly facing several challenges, the most important of which is the security situation and chaos in the province. Observers unanimously

Prime Minister of the Republic of Yemen, Abdulaziz Bin Habtoor, has assigned a committee with the specific goal of ensuring all needs of Yemen's many internally displaces persons (IDPs) are met.

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