SANAA - The peace consultations between the Yemeni warring parties have just concluded on Thursday in the Swedish town of Rimbo. Speaking at the closing ceremony, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said that



SANA'A - Video Footage released on Saturday by the military media of the Yemeni army showing the snipers unit shooting 13 militants loyal to Saudi-led coalition in Nihem front of Sanaa province. The video



The Air Force's targeting of the Aramco refinery comes within the deterrence operations for the aggression.


The Palestinian Issue

SANA'A - Media sources reported on Wednesday that Prince Fahd Bin Turkey, commander of the joint forces of the Saudi-led invasion

HAJJAH-  Video footage released on Sunday by the Military Media of the Yemeni army showing the army forces repelling attacks of

DHALEA – Video footage released on Sunday by the Military Media of the Yemeni army showing army forces repelling Saudi-backed militants

ASIR – The Yemeni army on Sunday repelled a large-scale attack carried out by militants loyal to Saudi army in

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More News

The Yemeni Armed Forces have successfully liberated parts of Bayda and Lahj provinces, after a fierce offensive against Saudi-led occupation forces stationed there.

SANA'A - Yemeni media outlet Al-Masirah has published video footage of the crushing victory the Yemeni Armed Forces and Popular Committees have won when beating back an invasion of Sudanese mercenaries hired by the Saudi-led coalition of aggression over the

SANA'A - Mohammed Abdelsalam, head of the national Yemeni delegation in the Swedish capital Stockholm, said the delegation wanted to reach a full and all-encompassing agreement "The military operations in Hodeidah should stop and the invading forces should return to their positions,” Abdelsalam

SANA'A - The official spokesman of Ansar Allah, Mohammed Abdel-Salam has said that the Saudi-led coalition in Stalemate and helpless, stressing that the coalition has been unable to make any progress on various fronts despite the intensive air strikes. “The Saudi-led coalition

The Yemeni Armed Forces and Popular Committees have successfully liberated Al-Jah district in Hodeidah province, after beating back the Saudi invaders from the area.

SANA'A - Oil pumping in the south-eastern Yemeni province of Shabwa has been halted on Saturday, after an attack destroyed an important petroleum pipeline. Unidentified gunmen attacked the pipeline, which runs from the Uqla petroleum field to the port of Noshayma,

SANA'A - According to military officials quoted by Yemen Press Agency, sniper forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces have killed or injured no less than 235 invaders in the past week alone, including Saudi soldiers and mercenaries. The sources confirmed that

SANA'A - Yemen's Artillery and Missile Forces have dealt a blow to the Saudi military stationed in the province of Jizan, across the Saudi-Yemeni border. According to military sources, the Armed Forces and Popular Committees of the Yemeni Republic carried out

The Missile Units of the Yemeni Armed Forces have launched three successful ballistic missile attacks on targets within Saudi Arabia in just 50 hours time. After Tuesday's launch of a mid-range ballistic missile at Jizan Regional Airport, which according to Yemeni

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi has denounced the Saudi coalition for destroying their own economies and for its racist treatment of Sudan.

SANA'A - Footage released on Monday by the military media of the Yemen army showing the army forces repelling Saudi-led coalition’s mercenaries’ attacks, and launched a counterattack on their sites in Asir border province. The video showed the moments when the army

Protests have rocked Aden, with many inhabitants demanding the immediate release of unrightfully imprisoned Yemeni citizens and the shutdown of illegal UAE-operated prisons and torture camps.

According to reports by the Yemen Press Agency, the National Assembly of Sudan, or at least a coalition of members within said parliament, has issued a statement demanding full withdrawal of Sudan from the Saudi-led invasion force in Yemen.

SANA’A - The military media of the Yemeni armed forces on Friday issued the latest statistics of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition’s losses over the past week. Over 175 ٍSaudi-backed mercenaries were killed and wounded in operations in various battlefronts over the

Are UN officials in cahoots with US/Saudi aggression on Yemen? Vilifying Iran points fingers away from parties responsible for nearly three years of devastating war, inflicting appalling suffering on millions of Yemenis. A likely US arranged, yet to be published, UN

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