SANA'A - The Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) has on Monday announced the results of the elections that were held on Saturday in order to fill vacant parliamentary seats for 24



NAJRAN - Video footage released on Saturday by the military media of the Yemeni army shows snipers unit shooting two mercenaries loyal to Saudi-led coalition in Najran region. The video showed the moments when



SANA'A - A political settlement through a comprehensive dialogue between Yemenis is still the only way to compromise the disputes and get a solution to conflict plaguing Yemen. The facts on the ground suppose more than ever the need to go


The Palestinian Issue

SANA'A - The Yemeni Missile Forces have dealth a devastating blow to the Saudi-led invaders by striking a mercenary camp

SANA'A - The Media Center of the Yemeni Armed Forces has released photos of the unmanned warplane of the Saudi-led

SANA'A - The Armed Forces and Popular Committees of Yemen have liberated four strategic locations near the major city of

JIZAN - Military media of the Yemeni army on Sunday released video footage shows that the army forces foiling an attack

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More News

Video footage published by Pure Stream Media in October 2017, show leader of the Ansarullah movement, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, speaking to the Yemeni people. In his speech, the Ansarullah leader reiterates that the surrender of Yemen is "impossible", as it

JAWF - Armed tribes have captured a number of soldiers, amongst whom Saudi troops, in Jawf province in northern Yemen. This was reported to Yemen Press Agency by local sources on Saturday. The sources said that the tribes had arrested a number

LAHJ – The Yemeni army’s drones on Thursday launched several air raids on al-Anad military base in Lahj province, southern Yemen. This was confirmed by Yemen Press Agency based on military sources. According to the sources, the drone raids targeted a military parade

SANA'A - The Yemeni Minister of Defense, Major General Mohammad al-Atifi, has visited the Military Museum in Sana'a on Saturday, inaugurating the Martyrs' Exhibition organized by the Department of Moral Guidance, on the occasion of the yearly anniversary of the martyrs

Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, brother to Saudi king Salman, is reportedly considering self-imposed exile in order to escape persecution by the Saudi regime, after having openly criticized the Saudi invasion of Yemen.

A Zionist think tank called the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies has published a study stating that Yemen's missile capacity is a threat to Zionist interests in the Middle East, and calling for closer Saudi-Israeli cooperation.

SANA'A - Arab and Yemeni activists in cooperation with the Turkish community in Germany on Monday have organized a seminar in solidarity with the oppressed people of Yemen against the Saudi-led coalition war and unjust blockade imposed on the all Yemeni ports and

The short-range ballistic missile hit its target directly.

Former leader of South Yemen, Ali Nasir Muhammad, has called on Saudi Arabia and its allies to cease its three-year long war against Yemen, in order to let peace return to the country.

BAYDA – Video footage released on Saturday by the military media of the Yemeni army showing the army forces targeting a tank belonging to coalition-backed militants in Natei front in Yemen’s Central province of Bayda. The video showed the moments when

A short-range ballistic missile targeted the gatherings of invaders and mercenaries in the West Coast, causing direct casualties in their ranks, said the official.

SANA'A - The United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, has arrived in Sana'a International Airport on Sunday. The visit came in the framework of his efforts to save the Stockholm agreement, that was signed by the Yemeni parties to the

KHATTOUM -  Sudanese security forces have arrested 14 university professors who had gathered to protest outside the University of Khartoum on Tuesday, as anti-government protests approached the end of their eighth week of actions, eyewitnesses said. The witnesses added that a

HADHRAMAUT - Unknown gunmen have on Friday kidnapped a citizen in the center of Saiyun city in Hadhramaut province, local sources told Yemen Press Agency. The sources said that unknown assailants have kidnapped Abdul-Barari Hood al-Saqqaf, a real estate office owner,

HAJJAH - More than 80 militants loyal to Saudi-led coalition were killed, while others were injured on Sunday in a ballistic strike targeting their gatherings in the Midi border district of Hajjah province, northern Yemen. This was confirmed by Yemen's army

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