Difference between Subway Surfers Game and Online Poker

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Difference between Subway Surfers Game and Online Poker Game are two different types of games, both in terms of game objectives, gameplay, or target audience. Here are some specific differences between the two games:

Gameplay Types and Goals:

Subway Surfers: This game is included in the “endless runner” type, where players control a character who runs endlessly while avoiding various obstacles, DEWAPOKER collecting coins, and achieving the highest score.

Online Poker: This game is a replication of the real poker card game. The aim of this game is to win chips or virtual money by getting the best card combination or perhaps by betting tactics.

Game Process:

Subway Surfers: Gameplay focuses on touch controls or sliding movements to avoid obstacles and collect points.

Online Poker: The game process is centered on card selection, betting, and game tactics.

Target Audience:

Subway Surfers: Generally intended for all age groups, including some children.

Online Poker: Generally intended for teenagers and adults considering the complexity of tactics and betting elements involved.

Topics and Graphics:

Subway Surfers: Has colorful graphics and is full of animation. Often updated with new themes based on certain locations or celebrations around the world.

Online Poker: Generally has a more classic and formal appearance, following the atmosphere of a casino or card room.

Learning and Skills Factors:

Subway Surfers: Concentrate on hand-eye coordination and reaction speed.

Online Poker: Requires deep knowledge of poker rules, tactics, psychology, and the ability to read opponents.


Subway Surfers: Monetization often takes the form of advertising and in-program purchases of cosmetic items or power-ups.

Online Poker: Although many are free to play, many online poker sites or programs offer real money play.

Both have a wide fan base and are representatives of different types of games in the games industry. While “Subway Surfers” is more relaxed and reactive, “Online Poker” requires vital and deep analytical planning.

The advantages

Each game has its own advantages based on the type and target audience. Here are a number of advantages of the two games:

Subway Surfers:

Easy to Play: Simple gameplay makes it easy for anyone to start playing without needing to learn difficult rules.

Attractive Graphic Design: Colorful graphics and eye-catching animations make this game visually pleasing.

Thematic Updates: Subway Surfers frequently makes thematic updates based on festivals, holidays, or geographic locations, keeping the game fresh and interesting.

Free Content: Although there are in-program purchases, some content can be accessed free of charge.

Improved Eye-Hand Coordination: Playing this game can help improve reaction speed and eye-hand coordination.

Online Poker:

Tactics and Skills: Poker is not just about luck; Players must think about tactics, understand enemy psychology, and make decisions based on available information.

Social Relationships: Many online poker platforms allow players to connect with other players, creating virtual communities and friendships.

Game Types: Besides the well-known Texas Hold’em, many platforms offer other types such as Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and others.

Monetization Opportunities: Despite the risks, many platforms allow players to play for real money, providing opportunities for financial gain.

Increase in Analytical Power: Playing poker regularly can improve your analytical power and decision-making process.

Even though the two games are very different, they both offer their own benefits and advantages. The option to play one of them, or both, depends on personal preference and what they are looking for in a gaming experience.

Bonuses Given

Bonuses in video games are often a tool to increase player engagement, provide incentives to play longer, or encourage in-program purchases. The following are examples of bonuses that may be given in games such as “Subway Surfers” and “Online Poker”:

Subway Surfers:

Coin Bonus: Players can receive additional coins while playing or through daily prizes.

Mystery Box: A box that can be found or purchased that contains various prizes, ranging from coins to characters or limited surfboards.

Multiplier: Increase a player’s score with a certain multiplier over a certain time period.

Power-ups: Such as coin magnets, jumping shoes, and flying boards that can be found while playing or purchased.

Daily Bonus: Prizes given every day a player logs in to the game, generally increase if the player logs in consistently every day.

Online Poker:

Deposit Bonus: Many online poker websites give bonuses based on the amount of the first deposit or subsequent deposits.

Referral Bonus: Players may be given a bonus when they recommend friends or family to join and play on the same platform.

Freeroll Bonus: Access to “freeroll” competitions where players do not have to pay an entry fee but still have the opportunity to win real money or other prizes.

Loyalty Points: Some platforms give points based on how often a person plays, which can then be exchanged for bonuses or other prizes.

Reload Bonus: An additional bonus given when players reload their account.

These are just examples of bonuses that may be given in both types of games. The detailed bonuses offered can vary depending on the base or game developer. It is always important to read the current terms and conditions before claiming any bonus, especially in games with a betting or real money component.

Requirements to be able to join and play

The requirements for joining and playing games like “Subway Surfers” and “Online Poker” can vary greatly, depending on the nature and target demographic of each game. Here are some general requirements that may apply:

Subway Surfers:

Suitable Device: Players need a cellphone, tablet, or other device suitable for the version of the game they want to play.

Internet Network: Although this game can be played offline, improvements and some features may require internet access.

Age: Although Subway Surfers is generally intended for all ages, some countries or bases may have a minimum age limit to enroll or make purchases within the program.

Registration: Although generally not a requirement DEWAPOKER , some features, such as cloud storage or leaderboards, may require registration or an account.

Online Poker:

Minimum Age: Remember the betting nature of poker, there is an age limit for playing. In some countries, the minimum age is 18 or 21 years.

Registration: Players must register and create an account on their designated online poker platform.

Identity Clarification: Due to security issues and gambling game regulations, some sites may require players to confirm their identity through official documents.

Internet Network: To play poker online, players need constant internet access.

Suitable Device: Players need a device such as a PC, netbook, tablet or mobile phone that is compatible with the online poker platform.

Funds: To play games for real money, players must deposit funds into their account.

Local Requirements: Players must ensure that playing online poker is legal in their area. Some countries or regions have strict laws regarding online gambling games.

It is always important to read the terms and conditions of the platform or game you choose before joining. Understanding these requirements can help ensure that you meet all the requirements and can play without problems.

Game Guide

Of course! However, it should be noted that explaining via text may not be as effective as a video guide or live demo. However, I will give a basic tutorial for both games:

Subway Surfers:

Game Goal: The goal is to run as far as possible without being caught by the chaser or hitting obstacles. The further you run, the faster the game.

Controlling Characters:

Swipe left or right: Your character will go to the lane on the left or right.

Swipe up: Your character will soar.

Swipe down: Your character will look down.

Coins and Power-Ups:

Collect coins along the way to increase your score and buy items in the shop.

Pick up power-ups like coin magnets, jumping shoes, and flying boards to gain profits.

Surfboard: Double tap the monitor to activate the skateboard. This can protect you from 1 clash.

Online Poker (Using Texas Hold’em as an example):

Game Goal: Have the best card combination or successfully throw the enemy out of the game with betting tactics.

Arrange Cards:

Each player will be given two cards face down.

Five community cards will be placed in the middle: three “flop” cards, one “turn” card, and one “river” card.

Betting Rounds:

After the cards are dealt, starting with the player to the left of the dealer, players can decide to “check” (through), “bet” (bet), “fold” (keep the cards and wait for the next round), “call” (call or match the bet ), or “raise” (increase the bet amount).

There are betting rounds after individual cards are dealt, after the flop, after the turn, and after the river.


At the end of the final betting round, if more than one player remains, the players will show their cards. The winner is the player with the best card combination using five of the 7 cards available.

Understanding some of the basics of these two games requires practice. For “Subway Surfers”, your skills will improve over time. And for “Online Poker”, understanding card combinations, betting tactics, and reading your opponents will take a lot of experience and study. If you’re serious about poker, consider learning more through books, videos, or online training.


Playing games has various benefits, both from a cognitive, emotional or social perspective. Of course, it is important to remember that playing games should be carried out in a balanced manner and not interfere with one’s responsibilities or well-being. Here are some possible benefits you can get from playing “Subway Surfers” and “Online Poker”:

Subway Surfers:

Hand-eye Coordination: Swiping, jumping, and ducking at the right time requires good hand-eye coordination, and playing regularly can help improve these skills.

Focus and Concentration: This game requires high focus to avoid obstacles and collect coins.

Increased Reflexes: The speed of the game increases as time goes by, so players have to respond quickly.

Earnings and Motivation: Collecting coins, getting high scores, and unlocking new content can provide a sense of accomplishment and motivate players to keep playing.

Online Poker:

Tactical and Decision-Making Skills: Poker requires vital judgment and the ability to make quick decisions based on available information.

Social Skills: Talking and connecting with other players can improve social skills.

Improved Mathematical Skills: Making quick calculations of odds and negative impacts is an important part of poker.

Focus Training: Players must pay attention to details and try to remember other players’ actions to make informed decisions.

Emotional Regulation: Dealing with winning and losing in poker can help a person learn to control their emotions and remain calm in stressful situations.

Knowledge of Human Psychology: Paying attention and trying to understand your enemy’s strategies and attitudes can provide insight into human psychology.

Although there are several benefits that can be obtained from playing games, it is also important to ensure that playing time is not too excessive and interferes with other activities or the player’s well-being. For example, playing online poker for real money has the negative impact of addiction and financial loss, it is always important to play wisely and responsibly.

What age is allowed to play?

The age allowed to play certain games is often determined by game assessment agencies, government regulations, or developer regulations. The following is general information regarding the permitted ages for playing “Subway Surfers” and “Online Poker”:

Subway Surfers:

General Rating: Subway Surfers generally has a rating that is suitable for all ages, but this can vary depending on the country or base. For more detailed recommendations, you can check the ratings on program download platforms such as App Store or Google Play.

In-Program Purchases: While the game may be suitable for all ages, the in-program purchase feature may require parental consent or a certain age limit.

Online Poker:

General Rules: Due to the nature of the stakes, playing poker online is generally governed by gambling game laws. In some countries, the minimum age limit to participate in gambling activities, including online poker, is 18 or 21 years.

Local Rules: It is important to know your local rules before playing poker online. Some countries or regions have different age limits, or even prohibit online gambling games.

It’s always good to make sure that you or the person who wants to play meets the stated age requirements. For games that involve betting with real money, it is always important to play responsibly.

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