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In pictures: Yemeni forces annihilate Saudi raiding party in Midi



Yemeni forces loyal to the revolutionary government have successfully repelled a Saudi mercenary offensive in the Midi region in western Yemen, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy forces.

On Saturday, a force consisting mostly out of Sudanese mercenaries hired by the Riyadh regime attacked Yemeni positions in Midi, an area known for the significant victories Yemeni forces have won there in recent years.

This battle proved no different. Despite being a well-armed force, the mercenary army was quickly forced into retreat. Yemeni forces reportedly killed dozens of Sudanese mercenaries and destroying five high-tech military vehicles provided to them by the Saudi army.

Pictures provided by Yemen’s military media showcase the results of their victory, including destroyed vehicles, bodies of killed mercenaries, army badges and insignia from Sudan as well as weaponry, personal belongings and riches that were found on the bodies of the hired gunmen.

Historian specializing in Arab history, Islamic studies and geopolitical analysis. Active in the anti-imperialist movement in Belgium