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Famous Yemeni Army General Martyred in Najran

One of Yemen’s most famous army generals was recently martyred in combat in Najran.



The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, praised and offered his condolences to Major General Nasser Hussein al-Qaubari, also known by his nom de guerre “Abu Salah”, one of the most prominent leaders of Yemen’s military and the Popular Committees on the battlefield in the face of the Saudi-American aggression.

Al-Houthi said in a tweet on his account, “May God’s mercy be on this lion, this free hero and may God’s mercy be upon all our martyrs, our heroes on all fronts.” He added: “Abu Salah al-Qaubari was an example of awareness, loyalty, practical commitment and an example of ardency, dignity and pride. May God’s great reward be on his family and relatives and may God provide them with patience. He will be laid to rest on Saturday, God willing.”

Major General al-Qaubari is considered one of the most prominent officers of the Republican Guard, who started to defend Yemen from the beginning of the Saudi-led/US-backed aggression along with the martyr Major General Hassan al-Mulsi. Major General Nasser al-Qaubari was one of the officers who defended the Republican Guard Camp of al-Sama’ in Arhab District north of Sana’a during the attacks of the Wahhabi Islah militia in 2011 and was able to defeat them and drive them out of the camp’s vicinity.

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