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Brigadier General Amir Hatami, Minister of Defence of Iran, has stated that the "Iranian support" to Yemen is only moral support, and that it is the steadfastness and heroism of the Yemeni people that is leading them to victory against

Massive rallies have been held in Sana'a and all over Yemen in order to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

According to Colonel Ali al-Dhib, Deputy Director of security for the UAE occupation force in Aden, the city is filled with mercenaries and terrorists, confirming the status of the city as being the victim of mass infighting and chaos since

The Yemeni army has carried out a successful new offensive against Saudi-led invasion forces in Hodeidah province, striking the occupiers in Hays and Kilo 16 district.

The Armed Forces and Popular Committes of Yemen have successfully beaten back a Saudi attack in Bayda on Saturday, not only driving the invaders back to their positions, but even mounting a counterattack that captured several Saudi military encampments.

Protests have rocked Aden, with many inhabitants demanding the immediate release of unrightfully imprisoned Yemeni citizens and the shutdown of illegal UAE-operated prisons and torture camps.

The balance of power is in favour of the Yemeni defenders in the Hodeidah frontline. This was said by Ansarullah Political Bureau member Mohammed al-Bukhaiti in the wake of the fourth major Saudi attempt to conquer the city of Hodeidah.

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