Chaos and bloodshed common in Aden, reports say

SANA’A – Several reports from the southern Yemeni port city of Aden, including Associated Press investigations, decry the ever worsening situation in the area. According to reporters, Aden has descended into chaos and bloodshed, with Saudi and UAE occupation forces engaging in murder and torture of the local population.

Reports state that mass protests against the occupiers have shut down most of the city. Meanwhile, armed militias have been clashing with one another for months, fighting over influence and control over various parts of Aden.

Every Thursday, local residents engage in massive demonstrations calling for the release of prisoners from illegal Saudi and UAE prisons. At least five mass rallies have been organised in the past weeks, often with people all over southern Yemen traveling to Aden specifically to take part in the protests. Associated Press reports talk of torture and sexual abuse being used in Emirati-run illegal prisons all over the area.

The ever growing protests also denounce the worsening economic conditions of the occupied territories and the collapse of the Yemeni currency as a result of the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, as well as ongoing assassinations of influential political and religious figures who were opposed to the occupation forces.

Recent reports by the Washington Post, the newspaper that also employed recently murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, claim the UAE is involved in the assassination of least 27 Islamic clerics in Aden alone.

Mohammad Abdulsalam, spokesperson for Ansarullah, has blamed the Saudi and UAE invaders for the dire situation in Aden, stating the following:

“The occupation has led to the spread of activities of such terrorist groups as Daesh and Al Qaeda. Those calling themselves a government, a pro-US-Saudi aggression government, cannot even protect themselves, let alone provide security for the citizens”

The situation in occupied southern Yemen has grown so tense in recent months that the separatist Southern Movement recently sent delegates to Sana’a in order to participate in a conference organised by the National Salvation Government of Yemen. During the conference, the Southern Movement, which originally sided with the Saudi and UAE invasion in March 2015, officially called on the inhabitants of southern Yemen to rise up in rebellion against the foreign invaders.

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