Drugs Control director and two guards assassinated in Aden

SANA’A – At least three people, amongst whom the leader of the Aden narcotics brigade, were assassinated in the southern port city on Sunday, according to local sources reported by Yemen Press Agency.

Brigadier Fadl Saeail, Director of Drug Control in Aden, was assassinated together with two of his bodyguards in the Madara area of Aden, by unknown gunman driving a car. The assassins escaped immediately, according to the sources.

The killing of Director Saeail comes as the latest in a long series of assassinations of political figures, influential clerics and security forces in Aden. The southern Yemeni city has fallen into chaos in the past years, and has turned into a battleground for infighting between Emirati and Saudi forces, various mercenaries, takfiri terrorist organisations, Wahhabi street gangs and South Yemeni separatist militias.

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