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Missile Forces hit Saudi Aramco petroleum facility with Badr-1 ballistic missile

The Missile Forces of Yemen have successfully struck a facility of the Saudi national petroleum company Aramco in Jizan, using a Badr-1 short-range missile.



SANA’A – The Missile Forces of the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees have carried out a successful missile strike on Monday, hitting a plant operated by Saudi national petroleum company Aramco in the Jizan Economic City.

The Aramco facility in southern Saudi Arabia was reportedly hit by a Badr-1, a domestically produced short-range ballistic missile that is usually fired from a multiple rocket launcher system.

The attack, a retaliation for continued Saudi airstrikes on Yemen, comes only two days after the defenders of Yemen struck a Saudi military frigate, causing extensive casualties amongst the naval forces aboard.

The targeting of military and economic infrastructure in southern Saudi Arabia is part of the Yemeni counterattack strategy, that is reportedly crippling the Saudi regime both financially and in terms of troop morale.

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