Mohammed al-Houthi: “The world will witness how Saudi Arabia did not stand by Palestine”

SANA’A – Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, Chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of Ansarullah, has stated that on May 14, the world will bear witness to the treachery of Saudi Arabia towards the country of Palestine and its people.

Monday, May 14 marks the 70th annual Nakba Day, or Day of the Catastrophe, marking 70 years since the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the declaration of the so-called “State of Israel” by European Zionist settlers on Palestinian soil. The day is remembered across the Islamic world as a day of mourning and resistance against imperialism.

Mohammed al-Houthi stated in a public message on Sunday that “Tomorrow will be the biggest scandal of the Saudi-Emirati-Sudanese-American aggression,” adding that “Monday will teach the world that the battle of Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen, Syria, Libya and other Arab regions were the prelude to the extradition of Jerusalem and the celebration of Trump’s decisions to reject the Security Council resolutions.”

Chairman al-Houthi furthermore pointed out that Saudi Arabia and its allies have shown utter lack of solidarity with Palestine and courage to defend international law. The Saudi regime is firmly in the hands of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, who has openly voiced support for Zionism and has met with several representatives of Zionist organisations and pressure groups in recent months. As such, the kingdom has shown little to no protest to US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as “capital of Israel”, which is in violation of international agreements.

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