Mohammed al-Houthi: Trump veto confirms US war against people of Yemen

SANA’A – Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee (SRC), has denounced the decision of US president Donald Trump to veto the unanimous decision of the US Congress to cease military support to the genocidal war against Yemen that is led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Trump vetoed the resolution on Tuesday, in complete violation of the expression of the democratic will of the American people and both the US Senate and House of Representatives. Trump stated that the War Powers resolution approved by Congress was “unneccesary” and “dangerous”, and therefore decided to keep up US support for the Saudi-led genocide on Yemen.

According to reports, the US has dedicated billions of dollars in taxpayer money to the funding of Riyadh’s war machine and its invasion and occupation of Yemen.

In a speech held on Wednesday, Mohammed al-Houthi stated that the veto confirmed that the US leadership is leading the war that is massacring the people of Yemen.

“Trump’s veto proves the US administration is adopting full terrorism and commits war crimes in other countries, in a flagrant violation of humanitarian law,” al-Houthi said.

Al-Houthi added that the veto is a de facto green light for the invaders to continue the aggression and siege of Yemen, that is threatening millions of Yemenis with starvation. Therefore, the SRC head stated, the United States is fully responsible for this war and its consequences.

International humanitarian organisations like Oxfam have also repeatedly denounced the US and European role in the Saudi-led conflict in Yemen.

“We have 14 million people starving,” Richard Stanforth, Oxfam UK regional policy officer for the Middle East, stated in an interview to news agency RT. “British, French and American governments are all behind this, they are all supporting this war.”

A UN panel of specialists has also confirmed that the Riyadh-led coalition used precision-guided munitions with the explicit goal of targeting civilians.

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