Occupied Aden sinks deeper into chaos and bloodshed

SANA’A – The southern Yemeni port city of Aden, which is under Saudi-UAE military occupation and is often considered the to be the main seat of the Saudi occupation regime, is sinking ever deeper into chaos and bloodshed. On Wednesday, mass protests against the invaders shut down much of the city, while at the same time violent clashes erupted between various armed militias.

According to Yemen Press Agency reports, deadly clashes broke out in Al Sha’ab district between several groups of militia and mercenary units. Militants belonging to the so-called Support Forces reportedly launched an attack on the headquarters of the Security Belt militia, a mercenary group funded by the UAE, leaving a multitude of dead and wounded. The attack comes less than a week after a group calling itself the Free of the South attacked the UAE military headquarters in Aden.

At the same time as the Al Sha’ab clashes were taking place, a mass campaign of protest and civil disobedience rocked Aden as well. In the districts of Crater and Sheikh Othman, all shops remained closed and key roads were blocked by demonstrators, protesting the Saudi occupation and invasion and the worsening economic and humanitarian situation that it has caused. Participants in the protests called for the overthrow of the Hadi regime and an immediate end to the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen.

The situation in Aden has been growing ever more tense for months. Recently, delegates from the Southern Movement participating in a conference in Sana’a, officially called on its supporters in the occupied south and east of Yemen to rise up against the Saudi-led invaders.

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