Pictures: Mass rally in Sana’a in Solidarity with the Palestinian cause

SANAA – Thousands of Yemeni people gathered at the Bab al-Yemen square in the capital city Sanaa on Friday to participate in a mass rally under the slogan “Jerusalem, the land of Muslims and their first Qibla”, in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in support of Jerusalem.

During the event, the protesters raised the Palestinian national flag and chanted slogans expressing the unity of the Palestinian cause while at the same time denouncing the crimes and massacres committed by the Zionist aggression against the Resistance and the Palestinian people.

The Yemeni people confirmed their solidarity with the Palestinian people, stressing that the Palestinian cause exists in Yemeni people’s hearts, despite the unjust US/Israeli-led aggression committed by them and their tools in the region like Saudi Arabia and its allies.

The statement of the event stated, that the Arab regimes and the Gulf states hold responsibility for the violations, war crimes and massacres committed against the Palestinian people by the Zionist enemy and its ally the United States of America.

It also called on all the people of the Islamic nation to fulfill their duty to their primary cause and to make a serious move to support the oppressed Palestinian people and to liberate the Islamic holy shrines from the Israeli occupation forces.

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