Pictures: Saudi advance at Mount Qaiss repelled

Newly released pictures by the Yemeni Military Media depicts Saudi forces in their failed advance attempt around Mount Qaiss, close to the southern Saudi port city of Jazan, located in Jizan Governorate.

The Yemeni Armed Forces consisting of the Army and the volunteer force “Popular Committees” have gained a foothold in the southern parts of Saudi Arabia, which makes it tricky for the Saudi Armed Forces to reclaim lost territory. 

The cross-border military operations come in response to the Saudi-led/US-backed ongoing aggression and blockade on Yemen since March 26, 2015. The now Southern Saudi regions of Najran, Asir and Jizan are part of the historical greater Yemen that were annexed by Saudi Arabia during the Saudi-Yemeni war of 1934, before they were officially ceded to Saudi Arabia by former Yemeni president Saleh at the Jeddah convention back in 2000, thus ending a 60 year old land dispute.

The Saudi regime is leading a coalition of mostly Arab countries under the full support of the US, UK and France along with their allies, bombing Yemen under the pretext of rolling back the gains of the Houthis (aka Ansarallah) and bringing back to power the fugitive President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi.

The Saudi-led coalition began bombing Yemen in March 26,  2015, creating a humanitarian crisis and famine conditions in Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest nation. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed or injured.

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