Saudi-backed Hadi regime has tourist office in Aden closed by private owner after being unable to pay rent

SANA’A – The regime of ousted Yemeni president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, who is still being propped up as the “president of Yemen” by the Saudi-led invasion coalition, is known for its relative powerlessness in actual affairs considering the areas of Yemen that have been occupied by the invaders. But Wednesday’s events in Aden showcased an even more far-reaching lack of power, when a private landlord closed down an official Hadi regime tourist office due to its inability even pay rent for the property.

On Wednesday, the office of the Ministry of Tourism in the southern port city was closed by the owner of the residential building. This was reported by the Yemen Press Agency by a local official. The landlord took the drastic step after the Ministry continuously had failed to pay the rent for the building.

According to sources in the occupied south and east of Yemen, the foreclosure of ministry, office and judicial court buildings has happened more often in the area, as the Hadi regime has little to no funds of its own left. While officially being supported as the “legitimate government of Yemen”, the Hadi administration receives barely any finances from the occupied territories of Yemen itself, with most of the natural resources in the south and east of Yemen being controlled by Saudi or UAE occupation forces.

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