Saudi-led coalition kills, injures more than 14 civilians in Hodeidah over the past 24 hours

SANA’A – The US-backed Saudi-led coalition and its mercenaries continued violating the cease-fire agreement in Hodeidah province, killing and wounding more than 14 civilians, including a woman and a child, and targeted with scores of air raids several provinces over the 24 past hours, a security official reported on Friday.

Three civilians were killed, including a woman and a child and four were injured by the shells of the Saudi-paid militias on al-Fazah area in al-Tuhaita district,  the official added.

Moreover, a drone targeted one of the Yemeni Army positions north Hodeidah, killing seven.

The Saudi-paid militias opened fire on the UN team while the security forces opened the road on the 50th Street towards the hospital of May 22 in the city of Hodeidah in order to reach the other team’s place and injuring the driver of the Winch and a number of security personnel.

The Saudi-UAE-backed mercenaries conducted a failed attack in al-Fazah area of al-Tuhaita district; they heavily combed the area with artillery shells and machine guns. They also fired medium weapons west of al-Tuhaita.

Saudi-led mercenary’s artillery shelling targeted with medium weapons east al-Durihmi district, and a military bulldozer observed fortifications of the Saudi/UAE paid militias east of Hays while the coalition warplanes hovered over the port and a number of the districts.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes also launched two air raids on Shuaba area in Thaibin in Amran province, three air raids on Haradh and Medi in Hajjah province, and launched three air raids on Baqim district in Saada province.

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