Yemeni Army spokesman: Battle for Hodeidah is won, Saudi coalition forces should surrender

SANA’A – Colonel Sharaf Luqman, official spokesman of the Armed Forces of Yemen, stated in an official interview with Al-Mayadeen that the Battle of Hodeidah is over, and has resulted in full victory for the forces loyal to the National Salvation Government of the Republic of Yemen.

Addressing the international community, Colonel Luqman confirmed that Hodeidah Airport, the main target of recent Saudi-led attacks, is fully under control of Yemen’s defenders, and that the Saudi mercenary units have been stopped and surrounded no closer than 6 kilometres away from the area. The so-called Amalika brigades, led by mercenary leader Tariq Afash are also currently being besieged by the Yemeni Armed Forces and the Popular Committees, Luqman added.

The official Yemeni Army spokesman continued by stating that the battle for the West Coast is now basically over, and called on all Saudi-backed forces to surrender.

Sharaf Luqman furthermore compared the Saudi-led attack against the city of Hodeidah to a suicide bombing, resulting in major damage and carnage but killing the attacker in the process. All developments on the field, the Colonel stated, point to the fact that the mercenary forces are being terminated.

The words of Colonel Sharaf Luqman were confirmed by member of the Ansarullah political office Mohammed al-Bekhiti, who reported from inside Hodeidah Airport, attesting to the fact that all Saudi coalition forces withdrew from the general area after continued failure to conquer the area from the hands of the Yemeni Armed Forces.

The Saudi offensive to capture Hodeidah and its surroundings, which started on June 13, has reportedly costed hundreds of Saudi coalition and mercenary lives, and has so far failed to produce any result.

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