Yemeni forces take strategic positions in Jizan

SANA’A – The Armed Forces of Yemen have taken several strategic locations in Jizan province on Sunday, according to military sources.

Several sites in the al-Dud and Dukhan mountains, as well as several towns and villages, were taken in the Yemeni offensive, in which at least four high-tech Saudi military vehicles were destroyed.

Jizan is a province in the south of Saudi Arabia, but along with Asir and Najran it is historically part of Greater Yemen, until it was conquered by a Saudi invasion in 1934. In all three provinces, the Yemeni Armed Forces have made significant gains in cross-border offensives, and now control sizeable portions of the territory there. Despite many attempts, the Saudi military has been unable to gain any significant gains in the conflict against the Yemeni Armed Forces in the area.

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