Yemeni offensives find victory across the country

SANA’A – Offensives by the Armed Forces of Yemen have found victory all across the nation, killing and incapacitating many dozens of Saudi troops and mercenaries in the process.

At the West Coast front, Yemeni forces cleared several military sites in the Jabalia area of Tuhaita district, killing and injuring dozens of Saudi-backed militia forces and pushing them out of several areas.

In Najran, dozens of Saudi casualties were reported as a result of a Yemeni attack on two sites in Shorfa. The Yemeni Army used artillery attacks, missile launchings and sniper fire to inflict heavy casualties on the Saudi forces.

In Lahj province, a Yemeni offensive preceded by artillery shelling resulted in the liberation of several sites in Karesh, and the death of several dozens of Saudi-backed forces. The Yemeni Army also secured several strategic hilltops in Qabitah area.

In Taiz, the Yemeni Armed Forces liberated strategic positions in the hills of the Hamir area, killing dozens of enemies and seizing large amounts of weaponry in the process. Two Saudi armoured vehicles were destroyed as well.

In Jawf province, dozens of Saudis were killed during a Yemeni attack north-west of Sallan camp in Masloob district. The Armed Forces furthermore destroyed a series of military vehicles in a highly successful ambush by the engineering unit of the Yemeni Army.

In Nehm district, the defenders of Yemen fought off a Saudi attempt at infiltration towards Madfoon area in Qatab, killing several dozens of Saudi forces.

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